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Want money, the right expertise and retail connections to supercharge your brand or product?

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How should you pitch us?

Like most capital groups, we really favor a warm introduction. This is because it shows us that you have a network to get to us. A great way to be connected and more importantly check us out, is to find someone who works at one of our partner companies.  If you can’t find somebody to introduce you, we can be reached at contact@honeyhiveventures.com.

We try to reply to all emails that we receive, and do so on a first in, first replied basis. Sometimes our inbox gets full and it takes us a while to get back to "non-warm introduction" emails. We apologize for this.

However you get to us, please send us a pitch deck and a brief intro email. We typically do not sign NDAs before listening about your product or idea and we don't have time or energy to read 90 page business plans.  

If we want to learn more about your company or product, we’ll reply by email to set up an in-person meeting, usually with one partner. Then, if that meeting goes well, we’ll invite you to meet the team at the Hive.

How do we make decisions?
We aim to make decisions fairly quickly, generally 3-4 weeks from the first meeting. If it's a no we will tell you right away.


We prefer to solo-invest in consumer products but we also co-invest with other Venture Capital firms and angels. We invest from early seed stage ($200k-$1m) through to series A ($2-5m) and growth stages ($5-20m).  On some (rare) occasions we will invest in a product idea, but our usual entry point is when the product is already available to a core set of happy consumers.

Who should pitch us?

We have a very specific focus at HoneyHive.

We invest in businesses that are consumer product focused with the ability to scale to global relevance. The number one reason we decline is because the company isn’t a product or brand that can or will be attractive to the global market.

That is it for now. We look forward to hearing your pitch through our trusted HoneyHive network.

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